Fitness Studio

At our sports centre you will find many options to stay in shape, recovery from any injuries, or practice your favourite activity.

Furthermore, we have a padel tennis court, a room with cardiovascular machines (TechnoGym), and also another room for mixed classes under the supervision of an instructor. Classes include: Pilates, spinning, core bar, yoga, toning etc.

To help achieve your goals we can offer you a personal trainer to work out an exercise routine, a food plan and offer nutrition advice.

entrenador personal

Our personal training includes:

  • Improve your overall fitness: resistance, strength and speed, etc.
  • Physical preparation especially for your chosen sport: football, tennis, golf, padel, swimming, athletics, etc.
  • General well being: Anti-stress therapy, back postural, rehabilitation, or any other injuries (under medical prescription).
  • Improve your personal image: lose weight, tone, muscle definition, stomach, glutes, and recuperation after child birth.

Nutrition Advice

  • Body composition analysis consultation: height, weight, etc.
  • Assess client’s diet and general health.
  • Personalised nutritional advice, with a weekly review.
  • Healthy eating plan to lose weight.
  • Advice from a dietician on healthy eating.
  • Specific diets for anti-aging, reducing cellulite and de-toxing.