Sensory rituals

Enjoy a spa experience through the 5 senses.


tiempo 60 min
Touch is the most characteristic of this ritual, to eliminate dead cells, with a fantastic mixture of oils, salt and water, that leaves your skin ready for the neurosedative massage, concentrating on the solar plexus, neck, inside of the wrists, and the soles of the feet, for a relaxing soothing effect.

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Bach flowers

tiempo 60 min
The aroma and smell are the pillars of this ritual that will transport the floral essences into the blood stream through the skin, benefiting the nervous system, soul, and spirit according to the remedy selected: emergency (inner strength), relaxation (serenity and anti-stress), vitality (stimulating energy), or harmony (well being and self esteem).

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tiempo 75 min
Face and body ritual to leave you wrapped up in the smell of Mediterranean lavender, together facial techniques and aromatic bands that will revive and energise your skin.

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From the Sea

tiempo 90 min
Feel the sea on your skin, enjoy the aroma, leaving you wrapped up in the therapeutic properties, due to the trace elements, de-toxifying your body, followed by an Polynesian massage while listening to the sound of the sea.

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Body senses

tiempo 120 min
An authentic seduction of the senses: the ultra sensorial gommage (gentle scrub) that revives the skin, then a soft full body massage with warm aromatic bands, giving you absolute pleasure, and relaxation. Then finishing with a protein wrap, soaked in milk and 22k gold that nourishes your skin with vital minerals, rejuvenating, and also excellent for anti-aging, due to the gold dust, and the unmistakable smell of jasmine and rose mist.

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