Water zone

Bi-thermal, Aromatherapy, Cyclonic, Scottish, Filiform … these combine a contrast of temperature, and stimulate the circulation with an effect that relaxes and tones the whole body.
At a temperature of 31c … where you can swim, do rehabilitation exercises, and aqua-aerobics. Classes are also available for pregnant women and babies, with a depth of 1.40 meters.
At a temperature of 33c… where you can have complete relaxation, due to the hydraulic massages of water and air, cervical (back) cannons, lumbar jets, dorsal spray and Jacuzzi, while lying on our underwater beds (aqua beds).
At a temperature of 11c… where you can strengthen your muscles after a Finish sauna, a Turkish bath, or the thermal circuit in the heat zone.
Where the stones together with the water jets of different temperatures, stimulate the circulation of the legs and the soles of the feet.


    • Spa are restricted to persons over 12. Ask special admissions times for them.
    • Please arrive 15min prior to your appointment, so you have time to relax and prepare for your treatment. Your personal items can be left in secure lockers.
    • It is compulsory to wear a swimming costume, anti-slip sandals, and a bathing cap. If you forget yours, we have them available to buy.
    • It is also compulsory that you shower before entering the Water zone.
    • For the comfort and peace of all our guests, we request that mobile phones are switched to silent at all times.
    • Warm pool is Swimming pool and this pool is into Spa área.


To complete the reservation, data from the credit card expiration date is required.
  • Total Cancellations: With 48 hours or more, without penalty. Within 48 hours: will be charged 40% of the total booking amount.
  • Partial Cancellation: With 48 hours or more, without penalty. Within 48 hours: will be charged 20% of the service canceled.


    • If you have had, or are suffering from hypertension, a cardiovascular condition, an iodine allergy, or other types of allergies, skin diseases, or a particular medical condition, or are pregnant, we advise you to speak to your GP prior to your arrival to ensure that you can use our facilities
    • Please inform us of any health problems, allergies or injuries that could affect your treatment, or the use of the Thermal Circuit.